Why there is still a place for traditional newsletters

  • Client testimonial

    "A truly excellent newsletter... one the best I have seen in recent memory"

  • Why newsletters

    In a world of soundbites, hashtags and tweets, 140 characters isn't enough for detail

  • What works

    People stories, photography and hand-drawn illustrations bring key messages to life


peeperAn FMCG giant wanted to inform and engage its people across the globe about an ambitious transformation programme underway. With pilot factory sites already involved in new ways of working, it was essential that new sites to be inducted in the programme could understand what to expect by sharing of best-practise.


With a disperse workforce, many on the factory shopfloor and little access to PC’s or laptops, we recommended the launch of a regular newsletter.

When challenged on why a traditional channel would work – when we live and work in a world of soundbites, hashtags and tweets – the answer was simple. The transformation work underway had real depth and detail, and they needed more than 140 characters to explain their goals, challenges and progress.

The goal for the newsletter was to shine a light on the programme by going behind the scenes and showcase how the programme supported the business to embed the essential changes that will fuel growth. But it was essential to do it from perspective of their most important asset – people.


We’ve sourced stories, written content and designed unique artwork for several editions – available writeronline for distributing electronically and in print too for local printing:

  • Brightspots showcase examples of best practice and successes
  • Every story features people across the business to share best-practice – to inspire, engage and inform
  • Key messages are brought to life through unique hand-drawn illustrations to help people visualise the programme and connect
  • Photography helps people put faces to names to encourage collaboration, recognition and connect with the stories
  • Digital versions are highly interactive and point to other sources for further information

Feedback has been very positive. In fact, we were very chuffed when a Senior VP wrote in to say, “I just wanted to compliment you and your team on a truly excellent newsletter! Honestly one the best I have seen in recent memory. Appreciate not only sharing success stories, but insight into the tactics and tools being deployed.”