Narrative Creation

Stories have been around for thousands of years and we are all hardwired to tell them. In the corporate world, a narrative provides a spine for your stories. It is an fantastic tool to help you get your core messages delivered consistently, shared through conversations and acted upon – assuming you make them ‘sticky’.

Our experienced team can write a compelling narrative to describe your vision or strategy as a foundation for all your communication and engagement activities.

Typically we will help you:

  • Identify the type of story you’re trying to tell – it is a wake-up call, opportunity or a celebration?
  • Hold workshops or interviews to gather key messages and core themes, then we’ll strip away the complexity and unnecessary jargon
  • Write the narrative and accompany stories, while involving key business leaders in the process so they take ownership of what’s being said and how
  • Use the narrative as a basis to write an elevator speeches, soundbites, articles and presentations
  • Create a framework that leaves space for people to adapt the narrative with local examples or implications to bring it to life with their teams

So if you’d like us to help shape the next chapter of your story, we’d love to hear from you.