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Debriefings on agency missions accomplished – sharing the challenge, the top level solution we developed and, of course, the outcome.


Following a re-launch of their internal brand, a Global Healthcare company’s Product Strategy Excellence team had to transform their ways of working to achieve ambitious targets in just 12 months.


We worked with their Communication Lead and Leadership Team to develop a compelling narrative that explained the need for change and mapped out what the future would look and feel like for staff, customers and patients.

This provided the backbone for a Global conference – where we brought the customers’ voices and the patients’ needs to life in an interactive two-day forum.

The narrative was delivered word for word by the VP who then encouraged the audience to scribble their comments and builds on printed boards. After a number of visualization exercises and ideation breakouts, everyone was on the same page and knew what was required, and their personal contribution.

A critical revelation from the conference was an urgent need to create a platform for sharing good practice from one brand team to another. This was to leverage experience, speed up transformation and save duplication in costs. With our help the team:

  • Developed a pitch process for identifying and selecting good practice case studies
  • Built an online portal and quarterly emailer using a mix of in-house IT and external creative talent
  • Created 60 case studies to an international audience in multiple formats
  • Produced collateral to feed an awareness campaign using on-screen promotions, pop-ups, desk drops and ‘stump talks’ at internal events
  • Defined measurement criteria and data capture processes to monitor progress and identify changes.


  • Significant adoption and use of the tool(s) by the target audience
  • Open rates of c.80%. Considering the nature of the content and the limited availability of the audience this was high
  • Incredibly positive feedback from interviewees for simplifying complex process and identifying the key lessons
  • Other corporate functions asked for advice on creating a single source practice-sharing process and tool.

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