Our approach

Our clients tell us that what makes the difference to them is our fresh approach to communication. When it comes to change and communication our passion is taking people on a journey. Our communication quest is to help you lead your people on that journey.

We know people keep at least 10% effort in reserve, and we’re confident we can help you tap into this. Whatever the challenge – a project, change programme, restructure or a merger – we can help you provide all the context and content you’ll need: the rational for change, the roadmap and the picture of the destination.

We always start with your end point i.e. what you need to achieve. Having established that, we like to go back to basics, strip away any unnecessary layers of complexity and get the fundamentals right. Then we work with you to develop clear, pragmatic communication solutions to your business challenges.

So why choose CommsQuest? Here are three reasons to begin with!

We know what best practice looks like

We’ve worked with over 100 clients, more than 1,000 communicators and 100’s of leaders and line managers. So we know what Good Communication Practice looks like.

So, whether it’s strategy development or on-the-ground support you need, creating commitment to a new operational excellence programme, assessing if your communications are fit for purpose, or perhaps you need to get people involved in the business strategy… we’re ready to help you and we will always be focused on your business goals.

You are unique, so off-the-shelf solutions are not our style

Using our knowledge of best practice, our proven methodologies and our international experience we get can get under the skin of your organisation and really understand what makes your people tick.

We also take the time to understand your business, and the pressures it faces today. This awareness is what enables us to develop pragmatic solutions which are tailored to meet your business goals.

We’ve walked in your shoes, so we know what you expect

Each member of our team has been handpicked because of their expertise in the fields of leadership development, mentoring, research or training, to name just a few. Every member of our team will have three things in common:

  1. We have all managed teams in-house. We know the pressures you face, and what you want from a partner.
  2. We know how to use communication, research or design as a business driver, not just a business activity.
  3. We are outcome focused so we work smart, we work efficiently and we don’t outstay our welcome.