Strategy Development

We follow a tried and tested approach to devise and execute communication plans to engage people with complex transformation and business strategies. This may include:

  1. Getting the drivers from the business leaders, and finding out whats on their radar to learn what communication environment we are working in
  2. Establishing the outcomes the core team and others might need, so we can align them to objectives and communications
  3. Getting key messages through a combination of interviews or worksessions. At this point, we may draw a visual roadmap with the help of our talented artists to bring the journe to life
  4. Writing a narrative or story that brings it all of this together
  5. Establishing how we engage the core team, so they can tell and sell the story with their people to create dialogue and action. They may also adapt it with local examples and implications.
  6. Then finally, we work out the best way to bring everything to life through communications – having helped prioritise activities to break through the cloud cover, and having analysed your audiences and channels

Even if you’re unclear on the road ahead, we can help you get some clarity around your thoughts, ambitions and what direction to take.