Facing the camera. How to become a Zen Presenter in the World of Zoom

20 Oct 2021


6 steps to confident online presenting.

Stop being a fretter, non-prepper or last-minuter in just 60 minutes, and start being a more confident and coherent communicator.

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Be more comfortable talking to camera or presenting online. 

When we are invited to stand on a public stage or have a camera thrust in our faces, we can react in one of three ways.  Psychologists define it as fight, flight or freeze – and it is instinctive.

But in today’s hybrid era of online and in-person communication, everyday interactions with work, family, and the world of education give us the chance to develop our camera and presentation skills, and increase our communication confidence.

This simple guide explains the key tricks and tools that can make you stand out for all the right reasons.

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P.s. you are in good company, we’ve helped leaders, teams and individuals in over 130 organisations, including  United Nations, Eurosport, Unilever, Birdseye, Tesco, Lloyds, Porsche, GSK, Roche, EDF Energy, Pfizer, McDonald’s, Discovery…