Christmas 2017

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We agree with Sir Cliff Richard that Christmas is a time for giving. So you were hand-picked to receive one of our bespoke ‘alternative’ Christmas baubles!

Each frame has been handmade by Faiz, a latch maker from Uttar Pradesh in India. He uses antique saris as the tie and the frames are made from Zinc.

Zinc is well known for its healing properties. It is found throughout the body and needed for our immune system to work properly. Zinc also plays a part in cell division, cell growth and wound healing. These amongst many more things are the reasons we chose the Zinc frame.

So, why the hanging frame? This year we project managed two global conferences for a Pharmaceutical client – one in Japan and one in Zurich. A key aspect of our brief was to produce a tangible, meaningful and unusual takeaway for delegates. We got our creative hats on and came up with these frames. Each delegate received a frame and inside it wrote their future commitment to the business. These were taken back home or to the office and the commitment is there to serve as a reminder.

The frames were such a success, we wanted to share them with you.

At this special time of year, whatever your faith, CommsQuest wish you a very happy holiday. We look forward to catching up in the New Year.

And if you have a kick off event in 2018, feel free to give us a call….