What’s wrong with your TV?

14 May 2015

AM1_0991A consistent approach to internal comms TV means a consistent experience and output. A consistent approach to internal comms TV means a consistent experience and output. This is the first in a 2-part series on using video for internal communications, from the perspective of our TV guru, Lorraine.

And I can’t wait for Fridays – not just because the weekend is near, or because #followfriday is trending on twitter! No, on Fridays my favourite magazine lands on the doormat: Broadcast – the leading industry publication for all things televisual. As a corporate commissioner, it’s one of my sources of inspiration for producing must-see TV for internal audiences and has certainly shaped my thinking over the years.

I’ve worked on hundreds of employee videos – from leading HSBC’s award-winning in-house TV channel for UK employees, to producing content at Thomson Reuters and RSA Insurance, and through to my role today as a consultant. And now I am on a mission to share my experience and insights with communicators and production houses to produce consistently engaging in-house TV. I’m currently working with an agency to pitch for some new business, and have also held TV workshops with senior communicators .

Same old gripes and groans about corporate video…

In many of my conversations with communicators and creative agencies, I hear the usual frustrations. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Content that should never have been commissioned for video in the first place
  • A lack of creativity or budget
  • Inaccessible platforms and low ratings
  • A painful production process with last minute requests
  • No feedback, dialogue or interaction with the viewer.

Broadcast magazine, or in fact anything film or TV related, keeps me grounded in my belief that communicators should draw parallels with content already on TV and make it work for businesses. Familiarity breeds content! And creative agencies should help them do that.

Whether it’s a one-off retirement video for a Board member, or a series commissioned around quarterly financial reporting, consistency is key. Internal audiences want to know that the effort they’re investing to watch a video (instead of serving customers or dealing with the Inbox) is time well spent – always.

So for every video I commission, I encourage upfront conversations with everyone involved. It saves a lot of headaches, time and money.

If you are interested in learning more behind this unique process – to troubleshoot a current production, launch a new in-house TV channel, refresh an existing one, or pitch for the business – get in touch, we’d love to help.