Welcome to CQHQ

14 Dec 2014

CommsQuest Communication Consulting is very pleased to announce the official opening of our new studio! The new premises are still in the heart of Hertford – where CQ was born a mere five years ago. The time had come for a larger space to accommodate an increasing number of consultants and to support our growth ambitions for 2015.

MD and local lad, David Norton, explains, “We still spend most of our time working directly with clients in their offices so we can get a feel for the culture of the organisation. But it was important to expand our headquarters to facilitate team interaction, planning and an increasing workload. “We’ve splashed out on some paint, new furniture and all the necessary IT gubbins. And we’ve found room for a little decorative tinsel and a couple of reindeers. So we’re good to go!”

Those who haven’t seen the office yet are very keen to test out the new facilities and nearby coffee emporia. Our motto is: “If it makes our clients’ comms better – do it.” And by that standard our new address gets a resounding YES!

Hertford has been the epicentre of some important communication over the years.

Check out these hot dates:

  • 673    The first church Synod was held in Hertford to decide the date for Easter. The Venerable Bede wrote about it is his Blog.
  • 1563  Parliament moved to the town to avoid the plague in London.
  • 1637  Saw the foundation of “Hartford”, Connecticut, USA, as one of the settlers came from the town (a breakdown in spelling communication there).
  • 1670  The first ever Quaker Meeting House was built and is still in use today.
  • 1893  W E Johns (later to call himself “Captain”, and become the author of the Biggles series) was born in Bengeo, Hertford.
  • 1968  Deep Purple were formed.
  • And there’s a strong rumour that the Knights Templar (who were imprisoned in Hertford Castle) stashed the Holy Grail in a labyrinth of secret tunnels under the town… now that’s a CommsQuest we are completely behind!