CommsQuest about town

17 Sep 2015

It is very important to us that we support our communities wherever we can. So we make an effort to roll up our sleeves, get involved and support local activities.  We also try to work with local suppliers, 

Here’s a selection of our favourites:

CommsQuest treated a class at a local school to a French lesson and petit déjeuner at Café Rouge – our neighbour in Parliament Square.

After advising McDonald’s on their communication structure they suggested we took over over their sponsorship of Ware Youth football club. By the end of the season we won the cup and coach of the year.

We ran a digital workshop at Porsche Hatfield for 1st year design students from Herts Regional College. Later we challenged them to design our internet site, giving them a taste of the harsh world of freelance design.

Check out our photo gallery:

porsche students 008 (2) 015 147 david and cafe rouge manager