CQ features in the new IOIC mag

21 May 2018

The CommsQuest team has been waiting in anticipation for the launch of the new Voice magazine published by the Institute of Internal Communication (IOIC).

We’re excited as it’s packed full of useful insights for Internal Comms pro’s and because also, we’re very proud to have contributed to the three-page spread on business acumen.

AM1_9656In the launch issue of Voice, CommsQuest’s MD David Norton shares his thoughts on how internal comms pro’s must think like business leaders to win the respect of their business’s leadership teams. He says “Internal comms has been clambering for a seat at the table and, now we are there, the people around the table are saying, ‘OK, smart guys, show us what to do next.'”

You can read the article here

As we close our own special email bulletin for one of our clients, we’re very impressed with the job that Rob Jones and the IOIC team have done with the Voice. It’s been fun being an interviewee, and great to see something in hard-copy format for a change!

If you haven’t had the chance to check it out, Voice is  an A4-page print magazine, which explores the challenges faced by internal comms practitioners and encourage debate.

It’s ambition is to be the place ‘where IC professionals come to talk’, and the 44 page magazine is packed full of interviews, case-studies and more.

Here’s a sneak peak if you’d like to find out more https://www.ioic.org.uk/industry-news/new-magazine-starts-conversations-about-ic-challenges