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05 Sep 2017

Everyone’s noticed tales about folks promoting material that was strange. Chips formed like Jesus, celebrity underwear, a snowball. Once I observed to the media someone attempting to sell his election within the selection on eBay. (He was charged with a felony for voter fraud.) Some of the auctions are designed to be antics, plus some are reliable types that just are actually promoting really weird items. There is a classification on eBay named Weird Stuff, wherever I searched to obtain the existing list, and that’s. The classification that is more expensive is The Rest. The three subcategories within Weird Material are Really Strange, Slightly Unusual, and Fully Bizarre.

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A lot of the things are sometimes intimate in character (whips, handcuffs, etc.) or questionable to one or more of the feelings (fake pet doo, fart simulators). But if you obtain through the stupid stuff that belong in additional types, there are several real jewels. Well, unusual gems anyway. Like treasures that have been hidden under-dog doo. eBay on Amazon eBay For Dummies Buy Now See all 7 photographs Opened paper on eBay Suppressed ” papers ” on eBay See all 7 photographs Christ bandages/band-aids on eBay Cigarette holder on eBay View all 7 photographs Voodoo mask on eBay See all 7 photos Mermaid tampon holder on eBay See all 7 photos Abnormal pickle bottle on eBay See all 7 photos Jesus impression on the buckle on eBay One Somewhat Used Roll Of Great Bright Toilet Paper Buy It Now: 000, $85 Yes, the seller is promoting “what is left of a move of toilet-paper” that he proceeds to use daily. He openly admits it’s a prank to pull individuals to his legitimate entries, but will sell the toilet paper must create him or everyone elect to acquire it an offer. 27 CDis Of Suppressed UFO Gov.

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Docs! With Audios Buyitnow: $59.99 Amidst large typos, the seller, calls this auction ” Suppressed, Declassified, Banned, Stolen Vision- witnessed’s Complete pair coverups of astounding but true reports, consumed right out-of our Government Store files.” He goes on to list what’s on each CD. A number of the topics, he promises, contain UFOs, timetravel, crop communities, Mars & the moon, free electricity, climate handle, Greenhouse Conspiracy, sources of acrylic, fake doctors, aliens, hidden technology, phony religions, Bigfoot, and cattle mutilations. He says it needed him 11 years to gain his collection. 30 Jesus Bandages in 2 Tin Boxes Free Model Buyitnow: $9.65 Yes these are bandaids with photos of Jesus. Each box comes with 15 vinyl bandages. Address your pieces with all the designer bandage’s “extraordinary healing energy.” He doesn’t state exactly what the gadget that is free is. Cigarette Dispenser: Cool…nonetheless gross. Buy It Now: $9.99 What strategy that is better to bring your cigarettes than in a very donkey.

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And from where do the cigarettes get allotted? Yes, you suspected it: they turn out of the ass’s ass. This can be, as the owner states, ” a raw supplement to any room.” It’s fits 25 cigarettes.Freaky Historic Voodoo Horror Hide and 7.5 ins by 5″ Buyitnow: $4.99 A scary mask with ” colors [that] make a historical killer is looked like by him practically.” He’s eyes that “may actually follow along with you.” Oh comes by somebody who goes a shop called Tuff Custom Toyz. NEW retro TATTOO Tampon Individual Scenario Buyitnow: $21.95 It is a case that you could discreetly carry your tampons in. It’s a mermaid design, that will be kind of oxymoronic, since, well, mermaids do not rather have the equipment to make use of tampons since the outline claims. The listing, as being a feature, claims that it retains two super or three regular tampons. Extraordinarily Bizarre Container of Pickles ABSOLUTELY UNEDIBLE 3D artwork Buyitnow: $1.99 An unusually shaped container of what was once dill pickles. Shape internally.

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At least he is straightforward concerning the “unedible” component. (I really believe the term he was trying to find is inedible.) TURQUOISE BELT PICTURE OF JESUS WIDE BELT Buyitnow: $40.00 The basic “picture of Christ” sales. Owner claims that Christis face is to the belt. He brings the belt belt is pretty, too. Goods that are eBay The State eBay Bible The Recently Revised and Updated Version of the Most Detailed eBay How-To Guide for Everyone from First Time Consumers to eBay Authorities Buy What Where-To Obtain It: The Definitive Guide to Item Finding for eBay and to Market on eBay and Beyond Buy Now eBay PowerSeller Secrets: Insider Tips from eBayis Most Successful Sellers (2nd Edition) (v. 2) Buy Now Tabletop Illuminated Photo Studio Buy Now See all 7 pictures Odd, peculiar, and funny entries on eBay (image source:) You’re able to aid the HubPages group highlight high quality material by ranking this article up or down. Useful – 4 2 – Beautiful – Interesting Prior Entertaining Site-A-Day Calendars for 2015 next Best Yard and Garden Methods If You Want to Irritate…

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Encouraged Sites Follow (1)Remarks 19 reviews Goto remark that is last NYLady6 years back from White Plains, NY Hi Unique: heart that is Good. You love eBay. Our favorite? The Mermaid Tampon event. ProfoundPuns6 years ago from Baltimore, US Heart Writer I am a fan of the mermaid situation, also. 000 move of paper, though Ido such as the $85. Christine from colorado springs Only plain odd:) Fascinating centre.

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I’m gonna surf e bay now just to go through the weird material individuals are currently selling! From Md, USA Center Writer There are a few mad suppliers outthere… But just-as many insane buyers! Necessary things6 years ago from Poland!! The chewed gum was forgotten by you on the market… people certain are nuts… You love being human.

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Thumbs up! rockinjoe6 years ago from Ranking right behind you! Level 1 Commenter Another great hub. That one should be kept by you as being a series. From Baltimore, USA Link Publisher I tried to select auctions that could be up for a long time, therefore I might procrastinate in updating it as much as possible. Dayzeebee6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines This can be a fun read and that Iam still aghast that these specific things can be sold by individuals at ebay — and I assumed we sold the weirdest items in the Philippines here in our sidewalks. Eric from Australia I bought several of the ages ago. The toy that is free can be a jesus that is plastic that is minor as possible put-on top of one’s pad.

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Elegant! Annamarie Bowman6 years back from Florida Whoa!! I have noticed some unusual points on Ebay, and on craigslist, too. It is a list that is great. I recognize, you should do a collection. 2-3 weeks or weeks from today, you need to perform so on, and two to a portion. Get back excellent Neil from Ireland Fascinating report. Some good material there!

How would you do this? lotis of space that is white.

I will drop back in later to re-read in-detail. Gift Experts5 years back These matters are usually great conversation-starters! Everyone sure appreciates ebay – tricks there. Great information! branta994 years ago I love the site. I have a half eaten tree mushroon on the market. It is aged at 2 1/2 decades and covered in shape.

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I’m merely asking $65.00 for it and can offer free shipping. Jesus72knight4 years ago from Albany, Nyc Who would care purchase a toilet-paper that is opened? Impressive that is quite. I’m extremely amused together with your link. You’ll be followed by me then. jerseys4kids.com4 years back from Vancouver / Bangkok Am I the only one wondering what that pickle jar is for? Electric cigarettes4 years ago Hello all i sold my applied electronic cigarettes but without batteries in that. Confident quarry is not in any respect bizarre than your article. Because toilet-paper is hardly anything to say.

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Believe you’ll be linked by me within my bookmark. Since I actually donot wanna overlook such a good page. CollB4 years back Ebay is actually a network for some things that are extremely intriguing. For expressing this information, thanks. PaperNotes4 years back Whoa, just how much weirder can you get? In my opinion additionally there are some unusual individuals who can purchase them, if people might fit these goods on sale. Register or sign up and post utilizing a HubPages account. Review that is 8192 characters left.Post URLs will be hyperlinked, although no HTML is allowed in comments. Reviews are not for advertising other sites or your Locations. working