Thinking about cyber security?

18 Aug 2016

Cyber security is an increasing concern and risk for businesses today. While scripting a film, Chancellor George Osborne announced plans to double UK cyber security spending to £1.9bn a year by 2020. It was perfect timing and gave our film an obvious hook to the ‘bigger picture’.

Our inhouse presenter Lorraine Hambleton met security expert Paul Norton who explained the costs of not taking the necessary precautions to protect a business.

“Open any newspaper and you will now read something on cyber security…. The impact of not getting cyber security right is three losses: a loss of money, a loss of reputation and a loss freedom,” says Paul.

And while filming, Lorraine uncovered some insightful views from the general public when she asked “who should take responsibility for security in the workplace?” You can watch the full film here:

So what can businesses do? Paul suggests a three step approach:

  1. Get the basics right – and remove vulnerabilities
  2. Focus on people – do people understand what they need to do?
  3. Live it – stay in tune with changes in the law and guidelines

For a 60 second summary from Paul, watch here:


Are your people engaged?

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