Fact checking for ‘quality’ case-studies

28 Jan 2016

Embedding quality into products and services across any industry is essential for any successful organisation. However, not everyone takes this responsibility as seriously as they should.

The CQ team recently delivered a range of digital and print materials to support a presentation at a global ‘quality’ conference for 200 delegates. Our challenge was to research a number of mini case studies featuring multinational companies that have fallen under the global media spotlight for the wrong reasons.

We drafted and produced content to support a face-to-face presentation, including two high-impact films plus follow-up materials. The aim was to help audiences reflect on the lessons to be learned, and to think about how they could take action to prevent the problems happening in the first place.

Our research included a range of stories reported in the media, which we summarised succinctly. Sources included media outlets and websites such as BBC, Reuters, Telegraph and consumer guides. Here is a list of references we used.